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TMJ/TMD Treatment in Queen Anne

Jaw pain can have a number of different causes, but one of the most common issues is temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMD/TMJ. This small, delicate joint connects your jaw to your skull and is located right underneath your ear. If it becomes damaged or inflamed by clenching, grinding, overuse (such as excessive gum chewing), or heavy impact, this can cause TMD/TMJ. This condition can be extremely painful and interfere with your day-to-day life, so if you suffer from radiating jaw pain, come to Seattle Dental Co. for a consultation today!

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Life-Changing Solutions

TMD Treatment Options

Some cases of TMD can be resolved with simple lifestyle changes. If your TMD/TMJ is caused by jaw overuse, avoiding chewing gum excessively may be enough to solve the issue. However, most cases of TMD will require some kind of corrective treatment, such as a night guard, medication, Botox, or even corticosteroid injections. Surgery may also be recommended, but this is extremely rare and only used as a last resort for the most severe cases.

Relieve Pain & Inflammation

Night Guards for TMD/TMJ

If we determine that your condition is caused by nighttime clenching and grinding, we will prescribe a night guard to relieve the pain caused by your TMD/TMJ. Teeth grinding (bruxism) puts pressure and strain on your jaw, which can cause damage to the TMJ. Night guards keep your jaw in a healthy position as you sleep and prevent tooth-to-tooth grinding, which will help relieve bruxism-induced TMD. Night guards also prevent premature enamel erosion and ensure that both your jaw and your teeth remain healthy and free of any serious complications.

Relieve Jaw Tension

Botox for TMD/TMJ

Botox is also an FDA-approved treatment for TMD. It helps lessen the activity of the muscles in the jaw that are responsible for unconscious clenching. In turn, this helps relieve TMD and eliminates the discomfort and pain associated with the condition. If you notice signs of TMD/TMJ,  we will work tirelessly to find the root cause of your condition and recommend treatment options that are right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment to start the process!

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