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Same Day Crowns in Lower Queen Anne

If you have a large cavity, infected, chipped, or cracked tooth, a dental crown can cover the entire surface and protect your tooth’s structure and enamel from further damage. Our in-office CEREC technology allows us to build and place your crown in just a single appointment and restore your smile quickly to give you convenience and ease along with quality dental care. With traditional lab-made crowns, this process would take 2 appointments over 2-3 weeks.

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How It Works

CEREC & CAD/CAM Technology

CEREC is a type of CAD/CAM (Computer-Assisted Design/Manufacturing) technology. Rather than taking dental impressions and sending them to an outside dental lab, CEREC technology involves special digital scanning tools and computers to create the design for your dental crown. Once we take these digital images of your teeth, the doctors custom design a precision-fit crown. The information is then sent to our in-office milling machine which shapes a solid block of porcelain into a custom, natural-looking crown.

What To Expect

The CEREC Placement Process  

The CEREC crown placement process is quite similar to having a traditional crown placed, but it only takes one appointment. Your damaged tooth will be shaped into a stable, strong platform onto which your crown can be attached.

Then, we’ll use a digital imaging camera to take a 3D scan of your mouth, and upload this information into our CEREC computer. With this technology, we will design your custom crown to ensure perfect fit and function. A block of porcelain will be loaded into the CEREC CAD/CAM milling machine, and it will automatically sculpt the material into the proper shape. Once your crown has been made, it will be checked for proper fit, then bonded permanently onto your tooth using dental cement.

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Convenience & Ease

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Your permanent crown will be complete in a single day, so you won’t have to juggle multiple appointments and fit them into your busy schedule.
  • You won’t have to wear a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to be completed, and you don’t need to have dental impressions taken, which some patients find to be unpleasant.
  • CEREC crowns allow us to offer our patients the best of modern convenience without sacrificing quality.

What are cerec crowns made out of?

Durable Porcelain Material

CEREC crowns are made of durable, nonporous porcelain material. When compared to natural tooth enamel, this ceramic material is similar in strength, durability, and translucency. This means that your CEREC crown will look and feel just like a natural tooth.

Each CEREC crown is made out of a pre-manufactured block of this material. To begin, the block of porcelain is simply loaded into the CEREC milling machine. Then, the machine cuts out the shape of the crown based on the 3D instructions uploaded by Dr. Belinda Song or Dr. Amanda Guerrero.

One of the benefits of CEREC is that the color of your existing teeth can be matched perfectly. CEREC porcelain blocks come in a wide variety of shades and colors, so Dr. Song or Dr. Guerrero can ensure that your new crown looks just like the rest of your teeth. 

How much do cerec crowns cost?

Affordable Restoration Options

You can expect to pay about the same amount for a CEREC crown as you would for a traditional, lab-made crown. The price of one type of crown or the other may differ slightly, but the cost is usually very similar.

However, it’s not possible to provide you with an estimate for your treatment without an in-person consultation. To learn more and get an accurate cost estimate for your treatment, schedule a consultation at Seattle Dental Co

During your appointment, Dr. Song or Dr. Guerrero will examine your mouth and help you decide which option may be right for you, and give you a quote for both CEREC and traditional lab-made crowns. Contact us now to get started.

Cerec vs. traditional crowns

What's the Difference?

First, CEREC crowns and traditional crowns are made out of slightly different materials. While CEREC crowns are milled from a block of pure porcelain, traditional crowns usually use a “porcelain-fused-to-metal” design. This consists of a metal base to which a porcelain crown is bonded. This design is slightly more durable than a CEREC crown. 

In addition, CEREC crowns cannot always be used for the same issues as traditional crowns. For example, if your tooth is broken below the gumline, a CEREC crown cannot be used. This is because the 3D scanner used to capture an image of your mouth and tooth cannot reach below the gums. Instead, a traditional, lab-made crown may be required to restore your tooth.

The final difference between CEREC crowns and traditional lab-made crowns is that CEREC crowns tend to be slightly less detailed and realistic, compared to traditional crowns. This is not noticeable on a cursory glance, but traditional crowns usually have a more textured appearance. If you are having a front tooth repaired, you may want to consider a traditional, lab-made crown. 

This can differ between dentists, too. Experienced CEREC dentists like Dr. Song and Dr. Guererro can make very natural-looking, realistic CEREC crowns, while those with less experience may not be able to provide the same results.

Same-Day Crowns in Seattle

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